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Executive Nomad
How to Start Your Own High Income
Consulting business, 
(Using What You Already Know)



Learn the strategy. A simple mindshift could be all you need to build a high income consulting business. Using over 30 years of experience, Jamie shows you how to do it.

Full Training

Ready to get started? Jamie takes you step by step through the set up process, positioning your brand and how to find customers who are happy to pay you every month for what you know.

Paid Consulting

45 Minutes: Setting up, branding, building the services and working with clients,, building your business... If you need dedicated time,here's where to get it.
About Us

Executivenomad.co and its logo is a Rise Strategies Ltd brand and website.

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Suite 4 / 2nd Floor /  The West Wing / Montarik House / 3 Bedlam Court / GX11 1AA / Gibraltar
For Clarity: This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an easy button. This is a real business, with real customers and real work to do to get it rolling. Success in this business requires learning, application, adjustment and effort . We believe in creating value and building a real business that gives our community a strategic blueprint for living a highly paid, location independent lifestyle. But, there's no guarantees of success or anything else, in this program, or in life. Your results are up to you and what you do with what you learn and how you interact with this business and the members of our community. Of course, we're here to help by sharing our most effective strategies, tools, and ideas to support you. But, nothing on these pages, our promotional emails, newsletters, websites, landing pages, meetings or webinars is a promise of any result. Testimonials are reflective only of past results specific to the context shown. They are illustrative and not typical results. Because our members aren't typical. Are you?
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