Masterclass Executive Training (Learn & Execute)

The 14 Day Set Up Masterclass: Start Your Own Executive Nomad Business & Lifestyle

In just an hour or so each evening, Jamie walks you through setting up your location independent, online consultancy business, building client relationships and creating high commission deals from your smartphone, laptop and branded video meeting room.


Jamie Sylvian

  • 9 chapters
  • 36 lessons

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Jamie Sylvian became a nomad in February 1991. Let’s put that into context. The world wide web wasn't launched until 1995!

Before Digital, he was an ‘Analogue Nomad’. He has lived in the UK, Hong Kong, Ireland, Sark, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Bulgaria, Thailand.

In these sessions, Jamie sets out how, over 30 years he has fine-tuned a location independent business framework allowing anyone to live effortlessly anywhere in the world they choose, full time, part time or just passing through.

Follow Jamies strategy to setting up a highly paid, service based consulting company that is registered in a low or zero tax country. You’ll also pay minimal personal income tax and keep almost every penny you earn and be the owner of a stress free business.

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