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Free: How to set up your own online consulting business helping companies to raise capital

Hey! I'm Jamie Sylvian. I teach over 40's to set up a high paying 'Location Independent' business and lifestyle. Executive Nomads make great money, pay less tax and live anywhere they choose, full time, part time or just passing through. You can do this!


Jamie Sylvian

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Welcome to my Short Discovery Session.

This is about setting up your own fully online, consulting business that you can run from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have internet access.

This lifestyle is the antidote to all the stress and pressure that people have experienced over the last few years.

When you know this stuff, you’re in control, of your life, your money and your future.

How so? - because piece by piece I have broken down all of the stressful parts of running a business;

Overheads, boss, commute, deadlines, staff, taxes, marketing and having a product or service that people actually need and are happy to pay for.

This is a whole new, stress free of doing things.

I’m Jamie Sylvian, my hope is that I become your personal Coach and guide you to building from the ground up, a business that you can run from anywhere in the world you want to stay. To have no boss to answer to, no staff to pay and a proven strategy for income, investments and pension, that means you never have to worry about finances again Ever again.

This is my free short video format discovery session. Here, I set out exactly what an Executive Nomad is, how we live, do business and make money. It’s your journey into a lifestyle that, if it works for you, could lead to a life changing decision. That’s worth grabbing a coffee and settling in to the videos, right? - It’s a beautiful life, I hope you’ll join me.

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